​A nurturing practice such as Restorative Yoga can bring healing                                                   and comfort to daily life.  This practice allows you to accept your                                                   current state of being with compassion. Relax on every level,                                                           physical, emotional and mental.  

I invite you to explore this practice regardless of whether you practice other styles of Yoga or none whatsoever. This practice is limited to a small class...using blankets, eye pillows, bolsters, chairs, straps, props and assists to truly allow yourself to sink into relaxation.  

Yoga is not perfecting a pose or even coming close to it. Yoga is using your breath to quiet your mind, therefore achieving freedom. Yoga helps you live in your body with tranquility and gently set yourself free.  

​​Integrating Restorative Yoga with Your Inside Warrior

May all Beings be Happy! Namaste, Sally 

​No previous experience needed...Find support and security on your Yoga mat. .