Practicing Yoga and Teacher Training allows us to create a sacred, safe zone in our space.

Please be respectful of others by quieting your cellphones, leave your shoes and worries at the door and refrain from eating meat, chicken and fish during your teacher training. I get it, no judgement, its a your best. At least on the days you are participating in training skip the meat and eat plant based. Your vibration will thank you! You need ideas....just ask!

Bring water, bring snacks, wear your comfy clothes. You will have breaks and a lunch break incase you need to run out on an errand etc.


This 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive education covering: 

Asanas, Sanskrit and Alignment - Rooted in Hatha Yoga and traditional. Students will learn and focus on how to make all Asanas (over 54 taught in this training) available to all students safely.  Covering the use of all props and every modification. As well, as taking the Pose to its full expression. You will communicate your knowledge effectively.  

Sequencing and Linking - You will learn how to intelligently sequence a class in.  Relative yet, simple manner that allows for creativity and maximizing a sequence. This will enable yourself and your students to develop and advance on the mat. 

Hands On Assist - How to gently guide and aid your students to deepen a Pose with proper alignment. Hands on Assists can be simple and allows a student to feel good and safe in a Pose. 

Teaching Methodology and Voice - Refining your own authenticity in your unique teaching style. You will be able to give clear instructions and directions. You will learn to increase your awareness via observation.  

Breathing Techniques, Meditation, Chanting, Mudras - You will learn many different Pranayama Techniques and how and when to use them. How to combine Pranayama with Asanas and how to use Pranayama in Meditation. You will learn Mudras and the importance of using them to enhance your meditation and your practice. You will develop your method of guiding others through a mindful meditation. You will develop your own meditation practice and techniques. 

Yoga Philosophy - You will explore and learn the ancient texts that make Yoga the sacred practice it is. You will understand how to incorporate this philosophy into your day to day life. You will learn it in a way that you can share it during your “Dharma Chats” at the beginning of your classes. You will be comfortable to make it accessible to your students. You will even be able to theme your classes using your knowledge. 

Anatomy of Yoga (Visible & Invisible) and Physiology - This curriculum explains anatomy as it is related to a Yoga Practice. You will learn how the many systems of the body along with studying the bones and muscles needed in a Yoga Pose. You will also learn about the Invisible or Energetic Body and how the Physical Body influences the Chakras and Subtle Body. 

Specialized Yoga  & Yoga Styles - How to offer Poses, Sequencing, Creativity and Special Modifications and Props for Children’s Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga & Cancer - Restorative Yoga, Remedial Practice with Yoga Nidra. You will be able to confidently teach Yoga to people of different ages and needs.

Ayurveda - Knowledge of Life - We will in depth explore one of the world’s oldest medical systems. You will learn about the Sister Science of Yoga, the Doshas (Unique Mind-Body Type) and the very specific needs that derive from it. The daily routines (Dinacharya) of Ayurveda that lead to balance and well being. The five elements (space, air, fire, water, earth) and how depending on your Dosha you can find balance with the six taste.

Ethical Business of Yoga - If you choose Yoga as a career path, you will have the truth behind what it takes to make your passion a growing business. You will be provided information in detail on how to go about it. You will access yourself as a Yoga Teacher.

I learned by trial and error and always promised myself to be available to guide others who want to share their Yoga path. Yoga is always evolving. You will find your niche, your calling and flow with it. I feel there is enough need for Yoga in our Universe that we all can succeed.


In order to receive your Certification, the following requirements must be completed:​​

  • Ÿ Attend each training session in its entirety (except in the event of illness or severe emergency situations).*
  • Ÿ Complete all required assignments (i.e.,readings, essays, tests, mock classes, etc.)
  • ŸPass the course with a final grade of 80%
  • ŸContinue your personal practice; it will help you along your journey.

*Missed training presentations may be made up through private instruction arranged with the instructor, at a fee of $65. 


Must have a dedicated Yoga Practice of 1 year prior to starting your teacher training. This practice could be at a Studio, with a Private Yoga Teacher or even a Personal Practice that you move too intuitively.

This program is designed to meet you exactly where you are physically, if you have any injuries or limitations that you are currently working with, you are welcome to take this teacher training. 

I believe Yoga is for every body and everybody. Let’s embrace diversity in ability and age etc. Let’s encourage the development and evolution of Yoga and Yoga Teachers so that we may pass on to our communities. 


Enrich your yoga journey and deepen your practice as you heighten your knowledge with a classical Hatha and Vinyasa yoga 200-hour teacher training program.

Sally Rodriguez-Hamm, E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP will lead this Yoga Alliance registered program. Sally embarked on her yoga journey in 1987 and since then has turned her peace into passion and lifework to provide access to yoga for others. Sally’s intimate teaching style translates into this slow paced training program by offering small groups as well as private one-on-one trainings to serve your lifestyle.

Soul Practice Yoga 200-hour teacher training program will provide you with in-depth traditionally based knowledge of yoga in a small, safe, and nourishing environment so you can deepen your study as you immerse into the less noted aspects of yoga. You will be guided in bringing the spiritual method of yoga into your daily life. Notice the changes with your day to day choices. If you intend on teaching you will be supported with knowledge on starting and growing a yoga business making you capable and a confident yoga teacher who will continue to share the practice with others.

200-Hour Group Teacher Training 


Application Fee: Free

Tuition Fee: $2,800
Flexible payment options
Exclusive manual included
Textbooks not included

Refund Policy: refunds are determined on an individual basis, depending upon time spent in the training, cost of training materials, etc.

The Soul Practice Yoga Teachers’ Training Manual are the property of Soul Practice Yoga, and must be returned to Soul Practice Yoga upon withdrawal from the program.


•Daily access to hOMe shala for group or private practice throughout the training course.

•Free Soul Practice Yoga classes

•30% off Soul Practice Yoga workshops


Training is from the week of March 9th through September 22nd, 2019. Sessions begin every morning at 8 AM to 5 PM.

Save the Dates:
March 9th and 10th
March 30th and 31st
April 27th and 28th
May 18th and 19th
June 8th and 9th
July 13th and 14th
August 10th and 11th
September 13th and 14th
September 21st and 22nd


Teacher Training Program