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One of the best things that happened to me was to find Sally as my yoga teacher. It has been over 5 years that I have been doing yoga with Sally in a group class.  She is a very attentive and awesome teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable and a very kind person. Small things like tucking you in during Savasana or putting a bolster under your knees to make you feel comfortable or giving massage on the Ayurveda Marma Points towards the end is just a few of the long list that Sally offers to her students. She cares for each and every person and yoga is her passion. She is one of the very few yogis left who teach yoga the way it should be taught and does not commercialize.  ~Priya N.

How do I ever begin to put yoga with Sally into words?  I never really took yoga for what it truly does to youy mind and body.  However, personal yoga practices with Sally left me speechless and coming back for more, more peace, more relaxation!  The set up of her yoga space really sets the tone, filled with candles and aromas.  These small details really do help.   As soon as you walk in you instantly feel a sense of relief.  I love everything about her studio/classes.  You are not just a number here.  Sally's space is very intimate and she knows how to teach students of all levels of yoga.  I truly recommend yoga with Sally.  It will be one of the best decisions you make! Nita L.

I attended my first yoga class ever with Sally in 2015 and ever since then it has truly been a journey. Yoga gave me a place to quiet my mind and ground myself, be creative, and build community. Sally's yoga classes are authentic, genuine, and true to the practice.  Also through my yoga journey I discovered Reiki.  I am dedicated to my Hatha yoga practice and I cannot wait to start the 200-hour teacher training program! ~ Emi G.


I have been having weekly private yoga sessions with Sally for a year and a half. I came to Sally at a dark time in my life when I had been experiencing daily vertigo for over a year non stop. I was very reluctant to come as I thought it would make me worse.  My vestibular therapist had recommended that I try yoga.  I’m so glad I did.  The yoga sessions have strengthened my vestibular system and I am no longer dizzy , this practice in conjunction with medication have gotten me in tip top shape. Besides Sally’s vast knowledge of yoga practice , she is a kind and warm soul. I highly recommend u give her a try. I not only consider Sally my teacher, I consider her a friend.  ~ Gina L. 


I have taken yoga with Sally in her small group practice for close to four years.  During those four years, I always felt as if I were entering a safe, nuturing environment with Sally taking us all on a mystical journey where time ceased to exist during practice.  Sally is always mindful of the makeup of her classes balancing the needs of both spiritual and physical of all on any given day and yet, Sally has an amazing gift of making you feel as if you are the only one in her class as she is so attuned to your individual needs,  She has truly been a gift.  Sandy C.

I have been taking private yoga classes with Sally for the last four years. I have several physical limitations, bilateral knee replacements and a torn rotator cuff however, it does not matter when I’m in her class. Sally modifies the practice to my needs. This is not your cookie cutter yoga...where everyone does the same poses. Her extensive knowledge of the practice of Yoga and Ayurveda allows for Yoga to be customized and maximized to me specifically. Thank you Sally. Namaste. ~Steven Z.

Sally is a wonderful yoga teacher. I've taken her outdoor classes in the Summer for the past few years and have really enjoyed it. She makes the class flow really well and is always very attentive and caring. ~Marina V. U.


I have known Sally for over 4 years and found her yoga sessions to be very beneficial to my sense of well being. What makes her sessions unique is that they are small and she modifies her sessions based on the needs of the group. I will always be grateful to Sally because a lot of what she does remains with me as I practice positive lifestyle decisions moving forward. Thanks Sally!  ~Deborah R.

I started practicing at the Soul Practice Studio about two years ago.  I've tried yoga many times and it never stuck. Soul Practice yoga is a welcoming loving place and I now eagerly look forward to my practice sessions.  The groups are small and diverse but everyone is open and welcoming.  Sally's private sessions are a special treat when I have extra time.  I can recommend Sally and Soul Practice Yoga without reservation.  ~ Ellen H. 

I first experienced yoga about a year ago as part of a large group at my local Paramus library where Sally is the teacher. I had no idea what to expect that first time and was surprised, encouraged and completely sold on yoga, thanks to Sally's expertise, sweet demeanor and infinite patience. I continued attending the library sessions and my children, knowing how much I was enjoying them, contacted Sally and arranged for a gift of a series of small group practices with Sally.  Yoga with Sally has been good for my advanced age, body, as well as my soul.  I am happy to be her student and to have made a friend of this wonderful lady. ~ Phyllis H.

Sally is a wonderful teacher! She is highly knowledgeable, and generous with her sharing. She is probably the best yoga teacher I have had the pleasure to study with. She is also a wonderful friend, and took time out to spend with me in hospital in 2015, for which I am deeply grateful. She came to my house to teach me, after I came back home from rehab, whilst recovering from my aneurysm. Her class is exceptionally great, just goes that extra mile.  Thank you, Sally Rodriguez Hamm! I love you! ~ Veronica J. 

I have been practicing Yoga with Sally with over three years now and I highly recommend it. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student. Sally is very patient and attentive to your level. The atmosphere is casual, warm and friendly. By the many regular Yogis that attend - speaks volumes of Sally’s commitment and dedication to her students. Sally will not disappoint! ~ Elliot L.